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Sparkle & Shine...

Relight your fire for life, reactivate your sparkle and shine your light...
With lots of earthly treasures and the ability to book wellness sessions plus much more.
Offering in person session, classes and events on the Northern Beaches...


Offering beautiful unique wellness coaching session, using earthly treasures, healing the soul and empowering you to shine your light brighter.



Image by Jordan Heath


Ideal Indulgence is all about Wellness for mind body and soul with Earthly Treasures helping you get organized in the office or at home or more importantly YOU...

 - Wellness and Nutrition Coach

 - Reiki Master Teacher

 - Crystal Healer

 - Sound Healing

 - Kids Yoga and Meditation Teacher

 - Business Wellness Consultant

 - Sporting Athlete Mindset Coach

 - Home/Office Energy Cleanse and Organizer.

Consultations (in house or at home)

Workshops and Classes plus Retreats coming soon...


Amazing treasures to bring peace and harmony to your home, work and personal space. 


Balancing all your sensors to ensure calmness and relaxation.  Be it essential oils, crystals, tarot and oracle cards, sound healing, books and much, much more.

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